The Social Media hype.

Is the Social Media phenomenon all hype and verbose, or are there real tangible  benefits for business?

Social Media (SM) has become the in thing on the net, especially in the United States (US) market. and as with most things the Americans hype to the point of nausea the benefits and use SM has for business and the common man.

BUT, and there  is a but, SM is a growing trend here in NZ too and it has some significant benefits to business. Put in plain simple understated Kiwi terms, it’s a good’n mate!

Social Media provides ‘the opportunity’ for NZ Businesses to network (connect) with many (millions) of other business people around the world. Now you may not want to connect to millions of people around the world, but as stated, it ‘provides the opportunity’.

Even a small backwater Kiwi business may only want to connect to their local market and surrounding towns. SM gives that business the opportunity to connect quickly to more people faster. It provides free (other than time input) marketing opportunities to many more people than you would be able to connect to using traditional methods.

Don’t get caught up in the hype, use it to your advantage. Make sure you have your own online presence such as your website, for any links from the SM websites to go back to. Choose the best SM site that you are likely to get most benefit from. Don’t feel you have to be on all and keep all going simultaneously.

If you need help, try to get hold of a ‘GOOD’ SM consultant that can help you set up your online profile. There will be plenty of so-called experts, just be sure to get someone who has the facts and is not pushing any one particular stream of online presence.

And least of all don’t be scared, it’s not that scary, but don’t be late either, you could miss the bus!



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