Stupid is as stupid does.

A lot of noise is being made currently about the security of private information on social networking sites and on-line in general. Well all I can say is ‘stupid is as stupid does’!

If youre stupid enough to put a lot or all of your personal information on the web for all to see, then HELLO STUPID! It’s tantamount to leaving your doors and windows open in your car with the keys in the ignition and wondering why your car got stolen??

You may well put a lot of your business details on-line, primarily as you want your customers to feel comfortable that you an open business, also where you have a bricks and mortar establishment, you want people to come to your shop and do business with you.  Be sure to keep your online information relevant to your business, don’t give out unnecessary information. Also try to keep your personal profile separate from your business one. Never give out financial or personal details, don’t tell people your address and that you will be on holiday for 3 weeks? If you work from home, say as an advisor or consultant, if you’re not comfortable to have your address on-line, then it’s probably best to get your customers to call and make appointments.  If you want to have your details on-line as you want customers to come and see you, be sure you have sufficient security on your property, put signs to say that you have a monitored alarm (even if you don’t).

One thing we as a society have done of late is contract out our own accountability and responsibilities. From the over reaction to health & safety in the work place, our own personal security and health, people seem to think, someone else will take on that responsibility, your employer, your insurance company, the government (nanny state). Well wake up folks, you are all responsible for your own destiny. If your stupid enough to ignore this fact then, stupid is as stupid does!



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