Look after your oldies.

I’ve been a customer with Vodafone since the begining, I’ve had the same number since the Bellsouth days, 17 years.
Yet I’ve never been offered any form of loyalty or thanks from Vodafone in that time. However they are very quick to call me and ask why my bill hasn’t been paid!
Most loyalty offers are actually to tempt new customers, therefore by definition, not really a loyalty offer but a new customer offer.
Dont forget your existing customers, they stick with you and become your bread and butter, you should look after them more than the newbies, because when times are tough they’ll still be there, the ones who flit between different companies based on the best current deals will always do that.


4 responses to “Look after your oldies.

  1. Brother, I hear your lament loud and clear! I too have the same complaint with my provider – Telecom. Why have I been so “loyal” to Telecom when I, like you with Vodafone, have never been included in these loyalty promotions which, as you say, really only reward new customers? In fact, I can recall at least three or four times over the years when I’ve contacted Telecom to enquire about a new (and better) plan that someone had told me about, only to find out that in order to qualify for that plan I would have to commit to a 12 month contract. Apparently, the previous, 8, 9, 10 years do not count towards the accrual count.

    • Thanks Maria. Would nice to be able to change, but 2 Degrees would be the only option, and their coverage is not good enough yet. Maybe soon eh!

  2. Set up a ‘loyalty payment’ of $5 a month and say that you will loyally continue with it.