Hello Sir, how may I help you?

Where did customer service go? Why do we Kiwi’s accept crap customer service. I am not an expert in Customer Service, but I am a customer and I can see quite a few flaws.

Do businesses hire people based on experience or customer service skills. I think in any customer service business, the ability to smile and relate to people is more important than experience. I’ve found that a lot of older experienced staff present a grumpy, ‘why am I here’ face, yet an obviously inexperienced young staff member is friendly, happy and no matter what mistakes are made, they are forgiven because of their attitude.

Engaging your staff is the key. Do your staff want to be there? Do they want to make your customers happy?

When you employ someone, do you try to attain their engagement or likely engagement in the job and your company/business? Maybe this should be the first thing you do, before getting too deep into their experience.


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