What The…….?

I’m doing a presentation on Social Media in a couple of weeks, after a rapid learning curve has given me a pretty good insight into how it all works. I’ve also realised that a lot of people do not know what it all means.

Too much terminology, too many sites to view, too much information. Unfortunately one of the downfalls of this Social Media phenomenon is the fact that it is asking people with limited techie ability to take part. Therefore there is a need for people, like myself, to stupefy the language, put an everyday english ‘verbology ‘over it and sell it to the masses in simple terms.

Imagine sitting in the Piazza in Milan, coffee & good conversation. Meeting old friends, talking about business, the weather, family etc.

Well Social Media is this across the internet. Socialising with people thousands of miles away in real-time, just not face to face.

This gives people the opportunity top mix and mingle around the world from the privacy of their own home/office/mobile/laptop.

The one thing it will never replace though, is the human touch. And we need to be careful not to lose our personality.


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