Of course it’s Cheaper if I do it myself…..

Is it? When times are tight and you need something doing, the usual thought is, if I do it myself, it’ll work out cheaper.

But I would challenge you to think, will it? Even if you are quite capable in doing the job, whatever it may be, does it take you away from your core business, therefore take you away from your money making job?

If you have a project that needs doing, but you don’t have the time, the capability, the know how or even if you are on a tight budget, using a Project Manager can and almost always does save you money in the long run. They can scope the work, tender/price the work, hire the contractors, liaise with builders, contractors, council, service providers etc and ensure you get the best value for money on time, within budget and complete.

McLeod Consulting have been involved with many projects and can help you manage any project no matter what size or shape. Give us a call or view our website for more details.



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